Our class-leading High Pressure technology provides an effective and efficient method for the Cell Lysis of E. coli whilst maintaining intracellular contents purity and quality.

From Lab scale research to full production our systems offer both adjustable process pressures and sophisticated temperature control. Learn more below.

E. coli - Our High Pressure Homogenizers

Escherichia coli (E. coli) is used in many sectors where bacterial lysates and cell proteins are utilized in multiple applications, for example in the life science industries.

Access to precious cell contents requires Cell Lysis and the preparation of the lysate obtained can be achieved by different techniques. Our High Pressure Homogenizer method is widely used and has numerous benefits in comparison to other methods including sonication and enzymatic lysis.

Features of our technology

  Adjustable process pressure from 1,500 psi to 60,000 psi (4200 bar) with repeatable results.

  Variable flow rates to 275ml per minute -> 16 l/h to 130 l/h to 1000 l/h.

  Lab model - processing cells - samples - 1 ml, 10 ml, 18 ml and 35 ml.

  Multiple options for temperature control including cooling and heating.

  Easy to clean and sterlize with low ownership costs.

  Easy operation via our microprocessor control panel.

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Lab Cell Homogenizer

Stansted Laboratory Cell Disruptor for E. coli Cell Lysis.

Production Scale

E. coli Production Homogenizer for Cell Lysis.

Improved processing efficiency for multiple applications

Cell Homogenizer Models - Lab scale

Cell Disruptor - pressure in bar and psi and flow rate in ml per minute

Cell Disruptor - pressure in bar and psi and flow rate in ml per minute

A video of our Cell Disruptor in operation

SPCH model - Cell Homogenizer on trolley mount

Dimensions and Weight

(basic configuration)
Weight approx. 125 kg (275 lb).

Height approx. 670mm (26.7″).
Width approx. 550mm (21.7″).
Depth approx. 600mm (23.6″).