The nG7575 range of pilot scale high pressure homogenisers offer unrivalled performance and versatility for process R&D, process refinement and small scale production

Using our proven electro-hydraulic system and precise valve control system, homogenizers in the nG12500 range are equally at home handling the most sophisticated applications and running small volume production.

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Our Pilot - R&D - Homogenizer's offer the following:

Working pressures up to 420 MPa (60,000 psi, 4200 bar) with flow rates up to 125 l/hr.

Single intensifier and twin intensifier versions, for continuous operation.

Processing options of piston gap valves and micro channels (interaction chambers) to ensure optimised and customised processing to suit the application.

PLC based control logic now with touch screen HMI interface with integral data logging of primary process parameters (pressures and temperatures) and communications options to third parts systems. Software and data logging suitable for production pharmaceutical applications.

Temperature control with heat exchanger options for system inlet, in process and outlet post process. While primarily for process cooling for applications such as SLNs and Liposomal preparations requiring higher temperatures combinations of heating and cooling can be provided.

Wetted surfaces are polished to meet typical industrial pharmaceutical and biotech requirements.

Corrosion resistant materials on all product wetted surfaces and ultra-high-grade corrosion resistant steels on main pressure containment elements. Technical ceramics, PCD and tungsten carbide on critical high wear components.

Stainless steel enclosure with transparent viewing windows and interlocked hinged front cover doors.

CIP and SIP capability.

Full documentation packs, provision of DQ/IQ/OQ.

Designed and manufactured by Homogenising Systems, our homogenisers are fully supported with global installations.

image of pilot homogenizer

data table of pilot homogenizer range

Pilot homogenizer for Biotech

Pilot hormogenizer

Homogenizing valves - Piston Gap and Micro-Channel Device (interaction chamber)

Homogenizing valve - spindle seat arrangement

Homogenizer valve - both Piston Gap and Micro Channel

For quick contact please click the 'Ask a Question' or 'Leave a message' tab.

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