High pressure homogenizers are widely used, for multiple Applications, in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, nutraceuticals and chemical industries to make emulsions, suspensions and dispersions.

Our class-leading, fully featured systems are versatile, user-friendly and are used globally for the application types below.

Very High Pressure Homogenizers - Application Types

Particle Size Reduction

Producing the smallest, most uniform particle sizes in emulsions and dispersions in the fewest passes, improving product stability. Learn More Here

Cell Lysis - Cell Disruption

Cell Lysis - Cell Disruption are methods for disrupting cell walls and cell membranes to release biological molecules, whilst maintaining intracellular contents integrity. Learn More Here


Ultra-high-pressure homogenisation (UHPH) is a technology with applications mainly focused on the continuous treatment of fluid food products. Our industry-leading UHPH systems offer pressures up to 60,000 psi (410 MPa) with unrivalled performance and versatility. Learn More Here

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