Our high shear, High Pressure Homogenizers excel at Liposome preparation because of their vesicle disruption proficiency that enables rapid reduction of size. This can be achieved at both Lab and Production scale with repeatable results. Learn more below.

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A Liposome is a spherical vesicle with a membrane composed of a phospholipid bilayer used to deliver drug or genetic material into a cell.

Liposomes can be composed of naturally-derived phospholipids with mixed lipid chain like egg Phosphatidylethonalimine or of pure components like Dioleoyl Phosphatidylethanolamine.

Our High Pressure Homogenizer systems for Preparation of Liposomes

Our Application Specialists have undertaken multiple liposomal formulation trials. Liposomes loaded with hydrophilic and hydrophobic drugs were formulated and assessed for particle size and Polydispersity Index (PDI).

The results were very positive - as many of our customers have also discovered utilizing our technology over many years.

During these tests - using our unique technology - different processing parameters were used including a range of different high pressures, the number of passes through our Homogenizer and using different processing heads - both Piston Gap valves (PG) and our Micro-Channel Devices (MCD). Sizes from micron level to below 50 nanometers / nm can be achieved.

In most scenarios particle sizes can be reduced and also the narrowing of the Polydispersity Index by processing at different pressures and / or increased number of passes through the Homogenizer.

High Pressure Homogenizers - features and benefits

  Provide rapid reduction of vesicle size and lamellarity to achieve smaller sizes whilst narrowing the distribution.

  HPH also presents the opportunity to load the Liposomes, locating hydrophilic active substances within the aqueous vesicle core.

  Ultra high pressures to 60,000 psi (4200 bar) and processing from 1 ml to 35ml in the Laboratory up to flow rates in excess of 2000 l/h.

  Easy to scale - from Lab to full production systems for continuous processing with repeatable results.

  Multiple options for temperature control incuding pre-heating and rapid post process cooling.

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Piston Gap and Micro-Channel Device (interaction chamber).

We think we are unique in that we offer interchangeable piston gap (PG) and micro-channel devices (MCD) processing heads for systems. For Liposome preparation both types can be effective but we recommend (for production applications) that both technologies are tested.

Vesicle size reduction is a function of pressure, valve type (PG or MCD) and formulation. Typically sizes from micron level to below 50 nanometers / nm can be achieved.

Homogenizing valve - spindle seat arrangement

Homogenizer valve - both Piston Gap and Micro Channel


High Pressure Laboratory Homogenizer for Lipsome formulation

Highly versatile, fully featured bench top instruments with pressures to 60,000 psi (410 MPa, 4200 bar).

Pilot - R&D

High Pressure Pilot Homogenizer for Lipsome preparation

For R&D and smaller scale production up to 125 l/h.

Production Scale

Lipsome Production Homogenizer system

Full scale production systems with flow rates up to 2000 l/h offering unrivalled performance.

design structure of a Liposome

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