Our High Pressure Homogenizers provide high shear forces to effectively reduce the molecular weight of Polysaccharides. Our technology also offers the potential to target Polysaccharides viscosity properties and higher solubility at a neutral pH.

Polysaccharides are long chains of monosaccharides linked by glycosidic bonds. They are both biodegradable and biocompatible. Polysaccharides are used increasingly in the development of pharmaceuticals including as carriers for water-insoluble drugs, plasma expanders, immune stimulators and vaccine antigens.

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Polysaccharides - our High Pressure Homogenizers

  Benefits may include reduced viscosity, low polydispersity, higher solubility at a neutral pH and easier for post processing purification.

  Industry-leading pressures to 60,000 psi (4200 bar) and processing from 1 ml to in excess of 2000 l/h.

  Multiple options for temperature control incuding pre-heating and rapid post process cooling..

  CIP and SIP capability. Provision of DQ / IQ / OQ.

We offer interchangeable piston gap (PG) and microchannel devices (MCD) processing heads for our homogenizers - see below.

Pilot - Production Homogenizing System

Polysaccharides Production Homogenizer

Lab scale Homogenizer

Polysaccharides Lab Homogenizer

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Piston Gap and Micro-Channel Device ('interaction chamber').

Homogenizing valve - spindle seat arrangement

Homogenizer valve - both Piston Gap and Micro Channel

3D structure of cellulose, a beta-glucan polysaccharide - Wikipedia

Polysaccharides Lab Homogenizer