Our scalable Homogenizer systems provide highly efficient cell disruption of algal cells - microalgae with adjustable processing pressures and sophisticated temperature control systems - both of which can protect intracellular contents purity and quality including proteins.

Microalgae are utilized for a wide range of products including nutraceuticals, biofuels and animal feed ingredients. Some algal cells require significant high pressures to disrupt due to their rigid cell wall. Our technology excels with this task.

Microalgae - our High Pressure Homogenizers

Adjustable process pressure from 1,500 psi (100 bar) to 60,000 psi (4200 bar) - the highest for this technology.

Possible increases in the extraction yield of several intracellular compounds.

Easy to scale from Lab R&D to full production systems up to 1000 l/h and more.

Sophisticated options for temperature control for all stages of homogenization.

Easy to use and easy to clean with low ongoing ownership costs.

Production Homogenizer

Production scale Homogenizer for microalgae.

Pilot Homogenizer

Pilot Homogenizer for Algal cell disrpution

Lab Cell Disruptor

Cell homogenizer for Algae.

Our Homogenizer systems offer highly efficent cell disruption, scalability and applicability on concentrated algal - microalgae slurries.

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