Microalgae are used in a wide range of products including sustainable biofuels (SAF), nutraceuticals and animal feeds across multiple sectors including AgriBioTech and CleanTech. Some algae cells require high pressures to break open their cell walls. Our leading technology excels with this task and can also increase yields and protect intracellular contents quality.

Application Notes - Microalgae - Cell Disruption

Many of our clients are using our Cell Homogenizers for their application needs to disrupt Algae - Microalgae cells. Our high pressure homogenizer systems provide an optimal combination of processing pressures and number of passes through the homogenizer for very efficlent cell lysis of multiple types of algae cells.

Based upon our experience, and on published research papers; for microalgae cell disruption (depending upon the type of algae), 1500 to 45,000 psi (3100 bar) pressure and 1 to 2 passes are usually recommended.

Our STANSTED high pressure homogenizer range provides controllable, repeatable, and optimal combination of processing pressure and passes for microalgae.

The before and after processing images demonstrate the high lysis efficiency our STANSTED homogenizers can achieve.

Stansted Homogenizer company logo

Cell Disruptor for Algae.

Fig A, B - Unprocessed Algae suspension.

Fig C, D, E, F - Processed Microalgae suspension after different processing conditions.

Fig A

Algae - algal cells before cell lysis

Fig B

Algae - algal cells before cell disruption.

Fig C

Algae - algal cells after cell lysis

Fig D

Algae - algal cells after cell disruption.

Fig E

microalgae cells after cell lysis - homogenizer

Fig F

microalgae cells after cell disruption - homogenizer.

Microscopic examination - Zeiss Inverted Microscope with Axiocam ERC 5 camera.

Features & benefits of our technology

  Possible increases in the extraction yield of several intracellular compounds.

  Adjustable process pressure from 1,500 psi to 60,000 psi (4200 bar) - the highest for this technology.

  Easy to scale from Lab R&D to full production systems up to 1000 l/h and more.

  Sophisticated options for temperature control for all stages of homogenization.

  Easy to use and easy to clean with low ongoing ownership costs.

Microalgae Production Homogenizer

With feed and discharge reservoirs. Process volumes in excess of 1000 l/h (system configuration dependant).

Production scale Homogenizer for microalgae.

Lab SPCH model

Highly versatile with sample sizes from 1m to 35ml and processing volumes up to 16 L per hour.

Cell homogenizer for Algae.

We are keen to discuss our technology with companies working with sustainable biofuels including SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuels) and marine biodiesel.

European CE and other international safety standards compliant construction.

Dimensions and Weight of SPCH Lab models

(basic configuration)
Width approx. 550mm (21.7″)
Depth approx. 600mm (23.6″)
Height approx. 670mm (26.7″)
Weight approx. 125 kg (275 lb)

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