Our technology provides the versatility and manageable high pressures for efficient cell disruption of even the toughest yeast cells like Pichia Pastoris. Other cells including Saccharomyces cerevisiae are disrupted with equal efficiency and for temperature sensitive proteins we have sophisticated cooling systems to protect intracellular contents purity and quality.

Yeast Cell Disruption

Note: With yeasts cells that require higher pressures there is often a balance of whether to go to with higher pressure for more cell lysis in a single pass or to multi pass at lower pressure. Higher pressure results in higher temperature which may, in some cases, be detrimental to protein recovery (which can be counteracted by our cooling systems). We can help and advise on HPH processing parameters for your application.

The before and after processing images below demonstrate the high lysis efficiency our STANSTED homogenizers can achieve.

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Laboratory Homogenizer for yeast cell disruption.

Fig A, B - Unprocessed Yeast suspension.

Fig C, D, E - Processed Yeast suspension, after Cell Disruption, using different processing conditions.

Fig A

Yeast -  cells before cell lysis

Fig B

Yeast -  cells before cell disruption.

Fig C

Yeast -  cells after cell lysis - Homogenizer.

Fig D

Yeast cells after cell rupture - Homogenizer

Fig E

Yeast cells after cell disruption - homogenizer.

The STANSTED high pressure homogenizer range provides optimal combination of processing pressure and passes for all types of yeast cells with repeatable results.

Yeast Cells - Benefits of our Technology

  Process pressures from 1,500 psi (100 bar) to 60,000 psi (4200 bar) - the highest available for this technology.

  Multiple options for temperature control incuding pre-heating and rapid post process cooling.

  Process volumes from 1m to 275ml per minute in the Lab -> 16 l/h to 130 l/h to 2000 l/h at production scale.

  Easy to maintain, clean - CIP and SIP - and lower ongoing operating costs due to the high reliability of our technology.

  HPH pretreatment can accelerate S. cerevisiae yeast autolysis which may result in higher protein, amino acid and total solids yield.

Production Scale

Production Homogenizer for Yeasts cell disruption.

Lab Scale Cell Disruptor - modern 'French Press' type.

Laboratory Homogenizer for yeast cell disruption.

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