Our versatile Homogenizer systems provide efficient cell disruption of both insect and mammalian cells with controllable pressures and temperature - both of which help protect intracellular contents quality including proteins.

Mammalian cells

Mammalian cell cultures are commonly used because of their genetic modifiability and ease of maintenance. With their thin membrane they are an easy cell type to disrupt. Milder conditions during cell disruption can be provided by our adaptable technology which will preserve the quality and yield of the cell contents and to leave them undamaged.

In some projects detergent-based cell lysis is used first to break apart the lipid bilayer and then mechanical homogenizers (like ours), operating at lower pressures, complete the cell breakage so that all cell contents of interest can be obtained.

Insect cells

Insect cells used in conjunction with the baculovirus expression vector system (BEVS) is gaining in popularity as a platform for recombinant protein production.

Use of our high pressure technology may offer advantages. One example is the utilization of our modern 'French Press ©' Cell Homogenizer to disrupt Sf9 insect cells to generate a lysate for use in protein purification.

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Our High Pressure Homogenizers

  Improved yield of cell contents, efficiency and easier downstream processing are all potential benefits.

  Sophisticated temperature control both pre-processing, during and after cell disruption.

  Adjustable pressure from 1,500 psi (100 bar) to 60,000 psi (4200 bar) for efficient processing.

  Easy to scale systems from Lab R&D samples to full production systems with volumes in excess of 1000 l/h.

  Easy to use, maintain, and sterlize with low ongoing ownership costs.

Lab Cell Homogenizer

Homogenizer for mammalian cells.

Pilot - Production Homogenizer

Homogenizer for insect cells - Sf9.

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