Our High Pressure, High Shear Homogenizers excel with the mechanical defibrillation of cellulose fibres and crystals for Nanocellulose production. Our technology also has advantages over other processing methods - learn more below.


Nanocellulose is nanostructured cellulose which is often in in the form of nanocellulose crystals (NCC) or nanocellulose fibres (CNF / NCF).

Nanocellulose is a nanomaterial with a high specific surface area, surface energy, and strength. It is non-toxic, non-hazardous, biocompatible, and environmentally beneficial and can be extracted from various biomass resources.

It has a high specific surface area and strength. It biocompatible, biodegradable and can be extracted from various biomass resources. Nanocellulose has multiple applications in many sectors including pharmaceutical, medical, material engineering and cosmetics.

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Benefits of our class-leading High Pressure Technology

  Easy to scale systems capable in producing Nanocellulose products at industrial scale.

  Ultra high pressures to 60,000 psi (4200 bar) and processing from Lab sample sizes to flow rates in excess of 1000 lt/hour.

  Using High Shear to create ultra-fine nanofibres whilst maintaining the original length.

  Well dispersed fibres with exceptional strength properties.

  Smaller particles sizes, with narrow distributions, when compared to other techniques.

Our unique technology, and slower pump speed, lessens the risks of accumulation of solids in the homogenizer.

After processing using our Lab R&D Homogenizer

cellulose fibers after processing.

Cellulose Fibers before processing (A) and after (B)

cellulose gel processing.

Data from our research using our STANSTED High Pressure Homogenizers.

Samples in the form of a slurry; usually prepared in deionized water; were passed though piston gap (PG) and micro-channel devices (MCD) processing heads.

The number of passes required was dependant on multiple factors including the type of nanocellulose and pre-treatment processes.

Our industry-leading technology provided excellent results in most scenarios.

And processing of Nanocellulose Crystals (NCC) were provided exceptional results.

Whatever the procedures you opt for processing your nanocellulose samples, our unique technology, can play an important part in your reseach and production.

Laboratory Homogenizer

Small scale for R&D. Versatile and easy to use. Ultra high pressures to 60,000 psi (4200 bar).

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Medium scale Production

Process volumes to 125 lt/hr for smaller scale production.

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Production Scale Homogenizer

Process volumes to 1000 lt/hr (264 US Gallons). Unrivalled performance.

Production Homogenizer Nanocellulose - image and link

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Nanocellulose in drug delivery systems

Nanocellulose in drug delivery systems

Nanocellulose Terminology

Nanocellulose is also referred to as:

CNF - cellulose nanofibers.

CNC or NCC - cellulose nanocrystal.

NFC - Nanofibrillated cellulose.

MFC - Microfibrillated cellulose.