Ultra High Pressure Homogenizers for Protein Extraction and Protein Purification. Highly versatile, with adjustable process pressure (up to to 60,000 psi / 410 MPa) and temperature control, our systems can lyse multiple cell types efficiently whilst maintaining intracellular contents purity and quality, including sensitive proteins.

In addition to the features above our scalable technology can also offer the following benefits listed below over other (cell lysis) protein extraction techniques such as Chromatography and Sonication.

Features and Benefits for Protein Extraction - Purification

Adjustable temperature control and multiple passes can lead to more gentle cell disruption, e.g. less heat produced so better for intact protein recovery.

Extracted proteins are more likely to be in their natural form as less (or no) solvents and enzymes may be used.

High sheer speed and cooling can minimise the effects of proteases which may digest some types of intracellular proteins.

Scalable and reproducible and scalable results with multiple types of cells and proteins and save you time whilst doing so.

Features and Benefits of our HomogenizerSystems

Easy to use with interchangeable processing cells from - 1 ml up to 32 ml sample size.

Variable flow rates from 1m to 275ml per minute / 16 L per hour.

Continuously adjustable pressure from 1,500 psi (10 MPa) to 60,000 psi (410 MPa) provides processing flexibility.

Can be run in single-shot mode and automatic / continuous mode.

Interchangeable piston gap valves and micro-channels for excellent process optimization.

Our instruments can also be used for Particle Size Reduction, Nanoemulsions, Liposomes, Dispersions and Suspensions.

The apparatus used for cell lysis / disruption is often referred to as a 'French pressure cell press', or 'French Press' ® . Our 'Stansted' range of 'Benchtop' Cell Disruptors provide an extremely user friendly replacement for the 'French Press' ®.

Lab - R&D Cell Disruptor

Stansted Cell Disruptor used for Protein Extraction and Purification.

Homogenizer Lab model - pressure in bar and psi and flow rate in ml per minute

Homogenizer Lab model - pressure in bar and psi and flow rate in ml per minute

Pilot scale and Production Homogenizers

Industry-leading, fully featured systems from 20 l/h to 1000 l/h.

Photo of Protein purification homogenizer - production scale

European CE and other international safety standards compliant construction.

Disrupting / Homogenising Valve Options.

Type 1 - High Shear Piston Gap.

Homogenizing valves graphic - Piston Gap and Micro Channel

Type 2 - Micro Channel Device.

Homogenizer Micro Channel graphic - High Sheer zone

SPCH Lab model with trolley mount.

SPCH Lab Homogenizer model on steel trolley mount

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Dimensions and Weight

(basic configuration)
Width approx. 550mm (21.7″)
Depth approx. 600mm (23.6″)
Height approx. 670mm (26.7″)
Weight approx. 125 kg (275 lb)

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