High Pressure Homogenizers for Protein Purification. Our systems can disrupt multiple cell types efficiently whilst maintaining intracellular contents purity and quality, including sensitive proteins. Sophisticated temperature control options.

In addition to the features above our scalable technology can also offer the following benefits listed below over other protein extraction techniques such as Chromatography and Sonication.

Benefits for Protein Purification

  Extracted proteins are more likely to be in their natural form as less (or no) solvents and enzymes may be used.

  High sheer speed and cooling can minimise the effects of proteases which may digest some types of intracellular proteins.

  Adjustable process parameters can provide more controllable cell lysis for intact protein recovery.

  Multiple options for temperature control incuding pre-heating and rapid post process cooling.

Features and Advantages of our Technology

  Variable flow rates from 1m to 275ml per minute - 16 L/h for Lab and in excess of 2000 l/h for production.

  Adjustable pressure from 1,500 psi to 60,000 psi (4100 bar).

  Easy to clean and sterlize. CIP and SIP. Provision of DQ /IQ /OQ documentation.

  Interchangeable processing cells from - 1 ml up to 32 ml sample size.

The Lab apparatus used for cell lysis / disruption is often referred to as 'French Press' ®.

Our 'Stansted' range of Cell Disruptors provide an improved modern version of the traditional 'French Press' ®. - learn more here

Lab Homogenizer - Cell Lysis - Protein Purification

Stansted Cell Disruptor used for Protein Purification.

Production volume Protein Purification

Industry-leading, fully featured systems from 20 L/h to 2000 L/h.

Photo of Protein purification homogenizer - production scale

Disrupting / Homogenising Valve Options.

Type 1 - High Shear Piston Gap.

Homogenizing valves graphic - Piston Gap and Micro Channel

Type 2 - Micro Channel Device.

Homogenizer Micro Channel graphic - High Sheer zone

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